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Top 10 sex tips to please a woman

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Top 10 sex tips to please a woman

Now you know how to satisfy a man, it’s time he learned to do the same for you! Feel free to forward this to your lover...

Most guys, it has to be said, don’t have a clue what it takes to bring a woman to orgasm. And of those who do, many are too lazy to bother.

No wonder there has been a surge in women buying vibrators in South Africa. It shows that more and more sisters are simply doing it for themselves.

But vibrators will never replace guys as lovers, even though they make a great addition to the sexual mix. So we figured that what’s needed is a little inside knowledge about women to fill that gap.

If you’re still mystified by what women really want in bed, here are 10 tips to turn you into her super-lover:

1. Women want to be ravished

Yes, it’s true. Be her pirate: tie her to the mast, fondle her, rip her clothes off, and ravish her until she begs you to enter her.

They may be cheesy, but Mills & Boon books have hit the universal feminine formula on the nose, for two reasons: the guy is so besotted with her he just can’t leave her alone – and he’s so hot for her he just can’t resist her.

In other words, women want to be the centre of attention for their lover and they want to be absolutely desired by him.

2. Make an effort to look good for her

You may think the rugged, masculine, smelly guys get all the women, but you can bet your left testicle that she’ll be more attracted to you if you show some respect for yourself and for her by paying attention to your overall package. And we don’t mean that package.

Women love guys who take time to look good. Why do you think we often swoon over gay guys? Gays dress to flaunt their bodies and they keep in shape. Take a leaf out their book – she’ll love you for it.

3. Lavish attention on her and make her feel special

Believe it or not, she spends most of her time and money focusing on being desirable for you: exercising to keep in shape, buying clothes and shoes to look sexy in, finding risqué lingerie to turn you on, taking care with her appearance (hair and make-up) to look hot for you, wearing perfume you’ll love and waxing/shaving all the right bits.

The least you can do is tell her how gorgeous and sexy she is – often – and mean it.

4. Don’t focus on your pleasure – focus on hers

Make it your mission to bring her to orgasm before you even attempt to enter her. This way, she’ll want to keep you. Women love orgasms. At least two out of three times, if not every session.

After all, would you settle for orgasm-less sex? We don’t think so.

5. Explore her body and discover what pleasures her

She might not know herself, and she might be hoping you will discover these delights together. Unlike guys, women are often shy when it comes to masturbating themselves to orgasm – they’re told indirectly that good girls don’t – and so they don’t always know what it takes for their bodies to reach an orgasm.

Show her that sex is all about pleasure and nothing is off limits between you when it comes to enjoying that pleasure.

6. Learn to love her vulva and clitoris

The clit is queen – remember this. It’s the key to her orgasms. Plenty of sexologists believe it’s the only path to her orgasms. You need to start by stimulating her far from her genitals and slowly work your way down there. Then when she’s very aroused, focus your attention on her inner and outer lips and clit.

If you don’t know what works for her, try out some techniques and ask for feedback. Settle in because it may take 20-30 minutes for her to reach nirvana – but when she does, oh my God, will she thank you.

7. Let your guard down with her during sex

If this helps her learn to relax in bed with you and let her guard down, you’ve won huge brownie points. Feeling comfortable when naked and totally accepted by their lover is the best way for women to let go and tap into their inner sexuality. Let her see you being silly and laughing, including laughing at yourself.

If your erection fails at a crucial moment or her fanny farts during sex, relax and laugh with her to show that you see sex as fun rather than deadly serious. She’ll warm to you, we promise.

8. Find sex positions that ensure you rub up against her clitoris while you’re thrusting inside her

This will help her have an orgasm from penetrative sex. If you don’t know any good positions that do this, make it your mission to find out. Ask your friends, read sex books, Google the topic…but just do it.

Women love clitoral orgasms but they also crave to have orgasms during penetration. It makes them feel that much more connected to you, their lover.

9. Help her find her G-spot

If you get this right, you’ll win her heart because you’ve found her whole-body orgasm trigger. She may have had other lovers before you but guaranteed most of them were too pre-occupied to go there.

Do whatever it takes. When she’s highly aroused, pop a finger or curved vibrator in and stroke or massage firmly the ridge or walnut-shaped bulge a couple of inches into her vagina, on the belly button side. Keep it up until her earth moves.

10. And finally, be far more adventurous in sex

Women get bored easily – do the same thing over and over and she’ll find it increasingly harder to be turned on by you…which means she’ll lose interest in sex with you. When guys complain that their women aren’t interested in sex, quite frankly it’s because the guys are boring in bed. Don’t be a statistic. Try sex in new venues, new styles, new fantasies…

Make every effort to keep your love life exciting through the months and years. She’ll reward you by being turned on by you and wanting sex with you frequently. And isn’t that just the whole point?

To find a woman’s G-spot and play with her clitoris until she screams with ecstasy, read the sex techniques and try the G-spot and clit vibrators available at OhZone.

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Make every effort to keep your love life exciting through the months and years. She’ll reward you by being turned on by you and wanting sex with you frequently. And isn’t that just the whole point?
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